“Dr. Jebraili is awesome! He always tells you like it is and explains everything very well so that you know everything there is to know about your condition. I’ve had several back surgeries and believe me he is the only one I will let do my surgeries. He knows his stuff! I highly recommend Dr. Jebraili to anyone who needs surgery. You won’t be disappointed.”

Connie C.

HealthGrades, 5 Stars

“Dr. Jebraili operated on my husband’s back 15 years ago and today at the age 74 he is still running! Kind compassionate informative and very skilled surgeon!

Mary P.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“I’ve waited over 6 months to write a review so I could give a fair and accurate description. I had a fracture (pars defect) and resulting L4 L5 spinal fusion. Had I written this 1 month after surgery I would have said it was all a mistake but now that I’m this far out I can honestly say it was a success. It takes a LONG time for fusions to heal and patience is key. While I’m not 100% better I know I need to have realistic expectations and I am so much better now than I was before.

From his office staff to his hospital team, Dr. Jebraili is among the finest surgeons I’ve met. Very short wait times, easy scheduling, and two office locations. If you are in doubt whether to use him or get a second opinion for your spinal needs…just do it.

[Update February 2020]

1 year 5 months post up, I have run various 5k’s and currently training for a 10k in May. I also do a fair amount of weight lifting, minus heavy loaded exercises like squats and deadlifts. While every day isn’t an “easy” day there are some that I don’t even think about my back anymore. It just feels “normal.” It’s important to note that while most of the healing does happen the first year, your back continues to heal and adapt past that. Be patient, and most importantly, choose this Dr.”

Christopher L

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“My primary care suggested Dr Jebraili and I was impressed by him. He was very personable and honest. He was straight forward in saying my neuro condition requiring surgery is rare and he suggested going to Hopkins to get the care I need and deserve. Although he didn’t perform surgery; he was honest, respectful and considerate and told me that if he had a relative with my condition he’d say the same thing. He is knowledgeable, respectful, honest and caring. I do recommend him!”

Rachel L.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Passionate about his area of expertise, caring, and thorough in explaining issue and the need for surgery”

Emily A.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Dr. Jebraili is a brilliant doctor. he made it so easy for me to have my surgery. he explained everything before I had my operation. I had my back operation four weeks ago and I’m doing very well I’m doing my chores around the house driving and planning on going back to work next month I recommend this doctor to everyone who needs to have a back operation.”

Morgan N.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Had evaluations with top Spine surgeons at Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University… None of them were as excellent in explaining, non biasly, and giving comfort and to feel comfortable, confident, and safe in their abilities as he was/is… He was right in my backyard so to speak!!!!!!!”

Sybyl R.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“If you have spine problem, go see Dr. Jebraili. I had seen many docs in the area but he was the one! Excellent surgeon”

Bob M.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Dr. Jebraili is an excellent surgeon and very kind. He will go over your questions one by one and you wont regret seeing him! Nice Doc!”

Dianna H.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Brilliant clinician and equally brilliant surgeon. Quickly diagnosed my disk issues in my neck and immediately scheduled me for surgery. Results of the surgery were immediate and successful. One of the best surgeons I have ever had!”


Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Dr. Jebraili is a supremely talented spine surgeon. I suffered for years from hard-to-diagnose pain. He easily determined the cause and appropriate treatment for me. While friends who had the same surgery took months to heal, I was pain-free a week after surgery, and back to work in two weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Jebraili for spine surgery.”

Dr. Michael M.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars

“Can not compliment Dr. Jebraili enough. He is caring, professional and reassuring. His office is efficient and his staff is courteous, kind and empathetic. Sheila is top notch! Thanks for all you have done!”

Dr. Randall W.

Google Reviews, 5 Stars